​To study theories and practices of the social man, men and women in the social context.

The Somist Institute is carrying out a program of research 
and publication that is focused on three interrelated thrusts: 

1. The transformation of mainstream economics into 
Concordian economics; 

2. The transformation of Individualism and Collectivism into 
Somism (men and women in the social context); and, 

3. The transformation of Rationalism into Relationalism.

Fifty years in the making, 27 of them assisted by 
Professor Modigliani, a Nobel Laureate in economics at MIT, 

This is a property that was pointed out by our first Gloucester
poet laureate, Vincent Ferrini, who, reviewing the fundamental
book titled The Economic Process, stated that 
Concordian economics "has the answers to universal poverty 
and the anxieties of the affluent.”  

Annotating this book --  for the second time -- 
the Journal of Economic Literature in its December 2017 
issue (p. 1642) states: "Expanded third edition presents 
the transformation of economic theory into 
Concordian economics, shifting the understanding of 
the economic system from a mechanical, Newtonian entity 
to a more dynamic, relational process.”

Reviewing the latest paper titled “Concordian economics - 
An Integration of Theory, Policy, and Practice,” 
Professor Laurence Katz, a professor of economics at Harvard, 
on March 24, 2019, wrote: “I have read over your paper 
with interest. You present some intriguing ideas 
and make the case for Concordian economics. 
But I must conclude that your engaging paper is not a good fit 
for the QJE.”

This paper is scheduled for presentation at the 
ATHINER Conference, June 29-30, 2020 in Athens 
(via the Internet).

We are in the course of publishing Jubilee 2020 and 
From the 'Dismal Science' to The Economics of Jubilation -- 
through Concordian economics (Generis Publishing).

Three essays help to understand Somism:

  1. Concordian economics: An Overall View
  2. The Economics of Jubilation
  3. Somism: Beyond Individualism and Collectivism

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